Client Portal Notifications

Rochelle Garcia 4 years ago in Client Portal updated by Mark Cornell 4 years ago 3


For the agencies using the Client Portal, do you know if there is a setting to alert staff who send forms out via the portal that they are completed by the client.  If so, can you please tell me where it is or how you follow up with these forms.


You should be able to setup a clinical charting workflow that notifies the clinician upon the client signing or completing the form.

I use this for our HIPAA and Insurance forms

Thanks Mark-

So did you create a separate workflow for each form? I see that when I use the trigger "Days after a signature is created" I dont have the option of "Any" in the forms field.  So Im just wondering if I have to create to a different alert for each form.

Thanks so much for your help!

Yes, it is also helpful because you can then sort by the task name when reviewing workflows :)