Optum - Adoption of CASII Clinical Criteria - Effective January 31, 2020

Paula 4 years ago in User Group Help updated by maryjom 4 years ago 2

Hello - Does anyone know where Optum would like for us to submit the data on the information that we collect on the CASII's? This is effective today, January 31st. according to the September 2019 Newsletter and  it applies to most commercial and Medicaid programs.  Optum Provider relations do not have any information.  I have a message into my Optum Network Manager.  Does anyone else know anything?

Please Advise

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My understanding that it is not a "submit the data" thing but rather an assessment they will need to see if they request records or do an audit. 

We are curious how others are implementing the LOCUS (the assessment they are requiring for adults). We currently use the CASII but not the LOCUS.