Can a fully licensed and credentialed provider have a Billing Supervisor?

Stephanie B 4 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by ahuseby 4 years ago 1

We have a fully licensed LMFT who is credentialed with Medica...but has a client that has a Medica Medicare-provider-only plan. I want to bill with a Medicare provider as Billing Supervisor on these claims. 

The claims dept rep suggested this to us as a work-around but wanted to more research to make sure this is ok. 

It all depends on your contracts with your payers and if you have supervisory contracts what those contracts will allow you to do when it comes to billing.  But when we have had these types of clients, we have not been able to bill with a Billing Supervisor, we have had to have the client set up with a Medicare provider in order to see these Medica-Medicare provider only plans.