System and Faxing Issues?

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We have been having some issues with Procentive today.  I'm not sure if it is our wonderful internet connect or if Procentive is having problems.  We have been getting crazy errors when faxing things and our system is freezing up on us.  Anyone else having problems?  I tried to do a chat, but it just sits there.  No response.

We have been having similar problems with Procentive freezing up on us and kicking us off.  I don't think it's your internet.  I think it's Procentive.

I sent a ticket to Procentive about the faxing. They said it was happening early in the morning - which was true yesterday. Today, it happened later in the morning. About an hour after we got the error, we were able to check the Resend box on the faxes and they went through. I know they are aware of the issue, so I'm sure it will show up in the Updates as they figure out what the issue is.

We usually get kicked out as updates happen, so maybe it's as they are fixing things that we are getting kicked out. I agree - I don't think it's your internet.


There has been communication via our Live Updates page regarding today's status within Procentive and an explanation moving forward. 

The fax issues have been on going, and they are sporadic for our agencies and we have been continuously working with our partners at Faxage to fix the errors. 

This morning, there was a different issue with faxing, which has since been remedied. 

Please send in a ticket if you have additional questions, happy to help!

Thank you!

I'm sorry, Amanda. I don't see anything on the updates link that talks about the faxing. If you could send me a link, I'd be interested in seeing what it says.

Hi Sarah, 

The fax issue is again sporadic across agencies, and we're working those out on a case by case basis. As for this morning, the fax issue that resulted as part of our larger issue was taken care of by the revert we put in place near 11:00 am CST. 

If you're having issues with faxing still, we would like for you to send a ticket so we can track where there are issues still and work through those with you. 

Thank you! 

I did - I reopened the old ticket. I thought we were using this User Community to let other users know our status and what we had done as far as our agency. I still don't see anything on the Live Updates page regarding the Fax Module. If I had, I would not have even reopened my previous ticket - as the answer would have been available to me on that site. Thus my request to you, to have the link that I have obviously missed sent to me.