Problems with Appointments Module

Shondell 4 years ago in Appointments Module updated by Amanda Kaufmann 4 years ago 3

We have been having problems for 3 days with the appointment module.  When you schedule an appointment it does not show up.  You have to go out of Procentive and come back in for it to refresh.  Anyone else having this issue?

We are also having a variety of issues and have submitted several tickets since Monday.  

Shondell, maybe I can save you a little time - our experience has been that we only need to refresh our screens in order to see that the record has been added or edited.  We do not have to leave Procentive.  Maybe if you try clearing cache, that will make a difference.  ?  The screen refreshing is still a nuisance, but at least we can avoid adding duplicate records when we think they did not save.  

Good Morning, 

There is an update on the Live Updates page regarding the appointments. Please continue to monitor this page throughout the day as we're hoping to have the solution in place today. 

Jana, thank you for pointing out that you should simply only need to refresh your screen once an appointment has been added, changed, or altered. 

Thank you,

Amanda Kaufmann

Customer Success Manager