Credentialing, as newly licensed, with Insurance Companies for two different Mental Health Centers

Paula 4 years ago in Industry News/Discussion updated by Heather L. Heim 4 years ago 3


I have not run into this before.  One of our therapists will soon be fully licensed.  He works for our company and also for another mental health company.  Is there any reason why he cannot credential to all insurance companies with two separate applications?  One application listing our company and our billing NPI # and sending in another application listing the other company and their billing NPI#?



Yes, a provider can be credentialed for two different agencies.  You need to determine which agency is going to do the full credentialing for this provider.  If it's your agency, then you do the big MN uniform credentialing form.  If it's NOT your agency, you'll likely need to wait for the other agency to complete the credentialing and receive notification that the provider is then enrolled.  Then, you would do an add/change form to add the provider to your agency.

Thank you for the input!



You are most welcome.  Good luck!