z-codes in client module

kbushman 8 years ago in Clients Module updated by Sheryl Martin 8 years ago 10

would love to hear what agencies/private practices are doing with regards to posting the z-codes in client module/diagnosis tab. Since they can't be billed do they need to be posted there rather then just on the clinical documents?

We use Z codes for our private pay clients. If a Dx is in the Client module > Diagnoses tab, the provider has the option to choose it and some service lines depending on how your settings are, choose all of the active diagnoses. It's up to the provider creating the service line to choose the correct codes to be billed. It may be better to only include Z codes and other Dx's that insurance companies do not reimburse in clincial docs only.

Thanks Crystal. We have been putting the z-codes in the client module but often there are so many that it is very cumbersome. It makes sense to only put them in the relevant clinical documents but I am not confident that I fully understand all the ways/reports that the information in the client/diagnosis tab is used...would love to hear from a few additional agencies to see if i am missing anything.

The ICD10Data.com site says this about the bereavement code;

  • Z63.4 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes
  • That makes me think I CAN bill it. When you were referencing Z codes, did you mean only the marriage counseling Z codes?

I don't know the answer to your question, but we have been billing BCBS for Z63.4 and getting paid for it.

Do you bill all Z codes to BCBS besides the marriage ones? For ex, Z62.82: Parent-biological child conflict ?

Steph, the only one we have had come up here is the bereavement code. Best of luck!

Thank you. In the original post that started this thread Kbushman says that ALL Z-codes can't be billed. The other commenters seemed to agree. So I wanted to see if I was missing something because from my research there are some, such as the Z63.4, that CAN be billed.


You are correct about that!

That is good news! I will alert my team that this is a billable z-code. Does anyone have a list of billable/reimbursed z-codes? I also am assuming that this code can be billed as a stand alone code.

http://www.icd10data.com/ICD10CM/Codes/Z00-Z99/Z55-Z65 Lists billable Z codes. Marriage is listed but that is almost always not covered and at least BCBS and HP specify that in their benefit details section.