Server down?

KatieW 5 years ago in Procentive News updated by Amanda Kaufmann 5 years ago 8

There isn't anything on the live updates page and we can' get into Procentive to send a ticket. We have an 8 hour class starting in 10 minutes and can't take credit card payments or check people in.

When trying to logon to Procentive this is the message received:

This web server is down for maintenance. Click here to logon to a different server.

Clicking the "here" link results in the following message:

This site can't be reached

Localhost refused to connect

search Google for localhost 8081 trove eclipse logon


My boss tried going through the crisis line but was met with an answering machine.

We are experiencing the same thing here!

I also tried calling the crisis line and had to leave a message...haven't heard anything back yet either?

Good Morning, 

Our weekend team is working to resolve the log on error. Please continue to attempt to log in as we work towards resolution. 

Thank you,

Amanda Kaufmann

Thank you for the information. Please keep us posted on the progress as the Live Updates page doesn't appear to have anything on it related to this issue.


Clearing your cache/cookies will help to force your browser to log on to a different server of Procentives and should fix the problem in the interim for you to be able to log in. 

Thank you! 

As I work remotely, I have the ability to try logging in from more than one location. My computer in the office was able to get into Procentive without clearing the cache. My normal station, at my home office, was still unable to get into Procentive even after clearing the cache. My co-workers in the office have given up because they needed to start the class at 8 a.m.

And now I was finally able to get into Procentive on both computers. I'm not sure about anyone physically in the office though as they have moved on to other duties.

We have worked with our engineers and the log on error has been resolved. 

Thank you all for your patience this morning.