I don't know of a code, but we have the client call DHS and complete the Coordination of Benefits, so they can remove the primary payer from the online information.

We also do that.  However, recently one of our clients just would not do it.  So we contacted DHS to inform them.  We shouldn't be penalized for the inaction of someone else.  They told me to send over the member name, DOB, PMI, primary insurance that ended and date, and whether it is affecting member only or family.  Put that info into a spreadsheet with our logo, faxed it to Benefit Recovery at 651-431-7431.  Did that on 10-15 and we have already been paid for DOS for the entire year.  Just put this info in the back of your mind for if the client doesn't do what they should.

THANK YOU! That information is so incredibly beneficial. Thank you very much for letting all of us know!

That's what we're all here for!!  Whenever we learn a little trick, we share!  :)  Happy Halloween all!