Travel Time-In home/school services

Rochelle Garcia 5 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by sarah 5 years ago 1


I was wondering if other Procentive users have any set parameters around the travel code H0046 in order to avoid a clinician accidentally entering incorrect amount of units. Currently when entering time,  the clinician enters the amount of minutes and Procentive calculates the amount of units. If the clinician accidentally enters the incorrect amount of minutes then we have an issue.  Im looking to see if anyone puts a cap on the amount of units allowed for this code or any ideas to help prevent this from happening.  

I usually catch these in the billing module but since I cant access the progress note from the billing module sometimes it becomes a bit of a task to figure out what is the correct amount.  Also, do you require your clinicians to write a separate note for travel or just include travel time information in the progress note.


I would be interested in the possibility of a cap! We have billed incorrectly when am and pm have come into play, on some occasions, so that would be a wonderful safe-guard.