Outpatient CD Billing - Can I send only with one NPI

Jenna 5 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules 0


With residential CD billing we do a day rate treatment. Procentive requires us to have rendering provider type 1 NPI we bill under although technically all services delivered are covered/ housed by The facility's NPI. So we put in our executive directors NPI to satisfy procentive. if you go directly onto the MA website and bill for example I can list our facility ID as rendering. 

This has been fine for residential as we enter and send the time in the billing office.

No having opened OP CD though, we have multiple employees entering time. So it's separating claims funny and doing some odd stuff. Is there a way to get it to send with JUST our facility NPI? As that is sufficient for billing because we house our LADC's under our license. 

My thought is maybe adding a "staff" member who is our Treatment facility name - then our NPI and attaching that as billing supervisor to our OP time entries?