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Hello Everyone,

DHS has now ended the bundled package of the H2012 (skills+group therapy) as of today according to their news letter. Does anyone know of another bundling code for these codes as this is a huge loss of revenue for us.

Any help is very much appreciated 

Thank you 

I saw this also -- though it is a news letter for schools and IEP providers. So does that mean that schools can no longer bill for these services?? I am also confused.

Might they mean you must be billing for day treatment to be able to bundle these services which uses the code H2012 UA HK?

To clarify we are a DT provider with in the schools IOP program so we do use the H2012 HK UA code and modifiers

T - can you email me the link so I can review?  We bill both under IEP contract direct to DHS and with H2012.

Just sent it to you  :)


Nothing to worry about apparently.

Tom: Good to hear from you. 

The message in the bulleting refer to pre-schools CTSS, as preschools were eliminated many years ago, due to the fact that in order to become a “CTSS preschool day treatment” it required a daycare license and the community providers though it was too much of a pain to do so. Therefore the specialty of “preschool” day treatment was eliminated and all ages were added under the umbrella of CTSS day – treatment ages 0 to 21. So, it is not new, it was the DHS staff who did the revisions and the did not realized that the preschool had the same billing code than CTSS “day treatment” stand alone. YYour day treatment is not considered by matters of billing as a “preschool”, day treatment, rather under provider enrollment all day treatment providers are identify with CTSS package 22, no longer split by age. I am sure it would be clarified sooner than later, but it should not impact any of your reimbursements, if that would of happen, you can, immediately contact: Youa.yang@state.mn.us Whom I am including in this email. In the future, if the staff or yourself have billing questions regarding to codes/modifiers, emails can be send to: DHS.MA.Behavioral.Health@state.mn.us Thank you! Let me know if this helped or if you have any other questions. Dr. Mary Jo Avendaño. Psy. D.LMFT. LICSW. LPC.Children’s Clinical Consultant | Mental Health Division.Minnesota Department of Human ServicesP.O. Box 64985St. Paul, MN. 55164 - 0981O: 651-431-2339F: 651-431-7566


AMEN!!  Can of worms closed!