Repeated Logouts

kimr 4 years ago in User Group Help updated by Jen 4 years ago 2

Anyone else get logged out of Procentive between the hours and 3 and 4 everyday?  This has been going on for weeks for me.


Yes we have and I submitted a ticket and it was made out that it is a possible issue on our end.  We aren't loosing any work like we did when this was happening several weeks ago so that is a positive, however it is very frustrating for our providers. This has been going on since last week for us and mainly happening to our providers who are working in the clinical charting module based on the complaints I have received from our staff here.

We are also having the same issue.  I have complaints from other staff with trying to chart and it just logs them out and they have to start all over. I was working on an ERA posting and it logged me out. :/