Billing Aftercare?

Jeremy Roelofs-Lynch 5 years ago in Codes/Rates/Diagnosis Modules updated by Teri 5 years ago 5

We currently bill all our group/individual sessions under H2035. Once clients complete programming they are welcome to attend our aftercare group that meets on Saturday morning for a coupe hours. Currently this is free of charge; however, we are looking at possibly being able to bill for this service. 

Does anyone else bill for aftercare? If yes, how do you do this if the client was discharged from programming? Do the insurance companies pay? What code(s) do you use?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 


We have been able to bill for aftercare using the same H2035 code.  There haven't been any payers that deny due to it being an aftercare program; I may have trouble getting continuing authorization simply because of the level of care, but overall they pay.

Thank you Leah -- do you keep your clients "admitted"? My understanding is that once we submit a D/C Summary to the payer they won't pay anymore? 

Thank you again!

We also submit for aftercare using H2035 and have had no issues with funders. We keep the OPTX clients as active status.

Thank you Teri! Do you submit the D/C summary to payers before of after they complete aftercare?