Crisis Code change?

Alyson Zurek, LICSW 5 years ago in Codes/Rates/Diagnosis Modules updated by Richard Sethre, Psy D , L P. 5 years ago 3


I am looking at the new DHS CPT Codes and Rates for 2019. I am seeing that the 90839 code typically used for Crisis billing code is linked specifically to CTSS. We do not bill CTSS here at my clinic. I am noticing that there is a code called S9484 identified as Adult Mental Health crisis assessment, intervention, stabilization-individual. Does this mean we should change our coding if we do a Crisis Appointment?

Alyson, we also do not bill CTSS, but use and get paid for 90839.  


The DSH guidelines for 90839 state: 

  • • 26 hour per year psychotherapy (with patient and/or family member) benefit limit
  • • 200 hour CTSS benefit limit, when provided as a CTSS services
  • So, it appears that you should be able to bill 90839 and 90840 for non-CTSS services.  

    I looked further and did find it under the Psych Therapy Codes. So, 90839 is still available! But looks like this other code, S9484 is also an option, reimbursement is higher. Interesting?!