Billing for ASL interpreter

Abarnes 6 years ago in Codes/Rates/Diagnosis Modules updated by Shauna Dall 5 years ago 8

Has anyone every had any of their clinicians use an ASL interpreter? If so is there a billing code that can be used when this service is used?

you would use T1013-U3

You will want to make sure it is a covered benefit.  Not all insurances cover. If not covered, the ADA requires you to cover the cost unless you can prove that in doing so you create a financial hardship for clinic.

Did you have success in billing these services? We have a client we would like to bill for but not sure how to go about doing it since we are a residential facility.
The client never ended up coming in for services. When I had checked with their insurance though it would not be covered and would be out of pocket on our expense.

Hi all, has anyone been successful with billing T1013 U3 to any payer and been paid? We have a BCBS PMAP client who insists we use the interpreter they bring and that agency invoices our clinic, so we are trying to get reimbursement from the BCBS. This is what a rep told us:  We are supposed to bill per the DHS website (T1013 codes), and and put in the "comments" section the name of the interpreting service so it shows up on the claim image. I asked her how to do this, and she recommended we ask Availity. We need to know where exactly on the claim to add the name "Keystone Interpreting Service." 

Anyone know where to add this and where it needs to go on the X12 info?  Procentive said to ask the community and replied with: In order to make any changes to how claims are sent, we would need documentation from the payer that these are necessary as well as telling us exactly where on the X12 the information needs to go.

Any help, ideas, etc would be great. Thank you!

I am not sure if this will work or what you are looking for, but in the past we have utilized the AUC form and sent the invoice with description as an attachment.

I also know that we have recently included the code description summary on a line.  How we found to use that was:

Payer > Rates tab > Codes tab > enter in the code, staff, and Narrative Description.  

We utilized that for another use, but maybe it will work here?

Shauna, do you recall if the T1013 was paid when utilizing the AUC attachment form? We know about the Narrative  description and use that for other codes too. My co worker actually recently suggested that. 

I've only used it for School IEP billing and yes that works.  But the requirements for IEP billing is much looser than the logic for clinical services so I'm not sure.