Add codes 80305 and 80307 for Drug Screening

dsalazar 6 years ago in Codes/Rates/Diagnosis Modules updated by Heather L. Heim 4 years ago 6

We are adding codes 80305 and 80307 for billing Drug Screens/Urinalysis. Does anyone presently use these codes? Is there a revenue code that needs to be billed with it? Or is there any modifiers? Should it be set up as an institutional claim or a professional claim? Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks.

I need similiar information as well. We have a CNP who will provide the following: Urine Drug Screen or Saliva Drug Screen and psychotropic genetic testing. We've read something about needing a CLIA waiver, where is this found? CPT code is 80305QW (QQ modifier for CLIA-Waived test). We have not billed or even added codes, so I do not really know where to start. Thanks.

Did we get any clarity on this? Dsalazar - what do you use for documentation to bill drug screens - particularly 80503? We're trying to decide if we need a dedicated service note linked to the time add or if it can be documented in the associated progress note which is attached to the primary service. The latter would be easier...



We've only billed for 80307. We've been uploading the lab results as documentation and connect to the service line. 

Do you have an associated service with the testing? That is, is there another psychotherapy or CD service you're billing at the same time? The MHCP provider manual seems to indicate that the testing can be documented in an associated progress note and not require an additional "lab note". Our 80503 is always done with another billable and documented service, not as a stand alone service.

I need some assistance with this same issue.  We're an outpatient SUD facility, and are about to start billing 80305.  This is new territory for me.  Any help & guidance would be appreciated.  I did try to submit a claim directly on MNITS today but cannot get it to pay.


I'm still looking for someone I could connect with to get some questions answered.  My testing company rep referred me to another agency he works with but I'm having a hard time getting a reply for the individual he referred me to.  Please help!