No Show Fees

Rochelle Garcia 7 years ago in Payers Module updated 7 years ago 3


For the agencies that charge no show fees...do you have a separate payer for each client so that an invoice will generate for that charge.  Currently each code is attached to a payer so that when its sent to the billing module you can bill that payer but I dont want to bill the actual payer that is set up (like BCBS or MA) so how would I set the client's payer up to bill the client directly?

Do you use a different invoicing system for these other types of (non-insurance) type client fees?

You still create a service line like normal, using the code you would have billed, ie 90837 but the status needs to be changed to 'no show fee'. The status is normally 'attended' that is the default.

Procentive knows to bill the client with this status, it will not get billed to the clients payer. You cannot charge MA or PMAPS no show or late cancel fees, so for those you would choose the status no show no fee.

Trying to figure out how you set this up.  Where in the setting would I designate the amount for the no show fee?

Looks like it is in the payer setting.  Figured it out...thanks for your help!