Adult Crisis Stabilization-Residential

mboron 9 years ago in Payers Module updated 9 years ago 3

We are starting to provide Adult Crisis Stabilization-Residential services and will be billing H0018. Is someone able to help me with the following, I am trying to find the revenue code that would be associated with the H0018 code, and the Place of Service for billing.

Would this fall into the category of sub-acute care with the revenue code of 019X - probably 0 at the end.

57Non-residential Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

A location which provides treatment for substance (alcohol and drug) abuse on an ambulatory basis. Services include individual and group therapy and counseling, family counseling, laboratory tests, drugs and supplies, and psychological testing.

(Effective October 1, 2003)

Would this work as the place of service?

I am not sure if this would considered Sub-Acute care???

Place of service would not be related to Substance Abuse, it is for crisis services.