Primewest billing supervisor required

sadie twite 4 years ago in Payers Module updated by Mark Cornell 4 years ago 3

We are continually getting the error "A supervisor with a valid NPI is required" for all our institutional Primewest claims. We have tried to fix this by adding a billing supervisor to all our LADC staff but the claims are still getting this error. Can someone tell me what they set up to get around this error? I believe it's something that needs to be added to the payer on the staff tab but we have tried several things and still get the same error. Thanks!

There is a couple places. First make sure your staff has a billing supervisor assigned:

Then in the payer module for PrimeWest goto Rates->Staff and check that Sup.Req is properly set.

Make sure you setup depending on licensed vs supervised staff is pictured:

Thanks Mark!

If you have a billing supervisor connected to staff in the staff module, how is this working for other payers? We wouldn't want the billing supervisor's NPI number to go out on other payer claims but rather our facility NPI.

in that case yes, you can set it at just the payer level and skip it in the staff module